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Papaya is considered the perfect breakfast throughout the tropics. Perhaps this is because of its digestibility and vitamin richness. A papaya shake is one of the most pleasant ways of eating this fruit. Cauliflower promotes all digestive functions, from the stomach to the colon. It also regulates transit through intestine both in cases of constipation, as well as diarrhea.

Romanesque or minaret is a yellowgreen cauliflower. It is richer in vitamin C than the regular white cauliflower. Cynaryne of artichoke increases bile production thus decongesting the liver and enhancing the detoxifying function of this organ. The artichoke is truly a protector of the liver. To keep the artichokes from turning dark because of the oxidation of its mineral salts being exposed to the air, moisten them with lemon juice or rub them against half a lemon.

Pineapple is the perfect friend for the stomach: aids digestion, relieves heartburns, and prevenys stomach cancer. Raw or cooked cabbage, as well as its fresh juice, relieve stomach inflammation and contribute to the healing of gastroduodenal ulcers. In addition, cabbage can prevent cancer.

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Pineapple juice should be drunk immediately to prevent the loss of its digestive properties. It must be taken slowly and well salivated. Fermented cabbage is an effective blood purifier depurant and it should be included in the diets of diabetics and the obese. Pomegranate is astringent and anti-inflammatory within the digestive tract. In addition, it contains a significant amount of copper, a trace element that facilitates the absorption of iron.

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Thus, pomegranate is also helpful in case of iron deficiency anemia. A treatment with apples is done by eating as the only food two kilos of apples a day for 3 to 5 consecutive days. The apples may be eaten raw, as apple sauce, baked, or cooked but without additional sweeteners. This treatment is ideal to cleanse the bowel, to detoxify the liver and to lower high blood pressure. Apples are the quintessential fruit.

They are well tolerated by everyone and combine well with any other food.

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Melon enriches the blood with mineral salts and vitamins and enhances the filtering capacity of the kidneys. It is better to eat the melon before a meal than afterwards as a dessert. Nothing quenches summer thirst like a big slice of melon. Moreover, nothing is as helpful to the kidneys as the plant serum that is the water in melons.

Cranberries are ideal for women, since they are effective in cases of urinary infection and help improve venous circulation in the legs. Per equal weight, soybeans contain more proteins and iron than meat, more calcium than milk, and more vitamins B1, B2 and B6 than eggs; and all of this with no cholesterol.

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Tomato contains lycopene, a natural red pigment that protects the cells of the prostate from oxidation and abnormal growth. A treatment with cherries one or two days a week allows weight loss while purifying the body and cleansing the blood. The slowness with which cherries must be eaten partially explains their satiating effect. Rheumatics and those suffering with cardiovascular and circulatory disorders will find black currants to be a good medicinal food. Eating currants halts the inflammatory processes in the joints and relieves the pain.

Their minerals are not affected. Because of their high water content, the cucumbers are among the lowest calorie vegetables. Nevertheless it is rich in skin-protective ingredients. Mango is the fresh fruit with the greatest vitamin A conent. In addition, it provides other antioxidant vitamins such as the C and the E.

Kiwis keep very well in the refrigerator for weeks or even months. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and iron during winter months. Orange Much more than vitamin C Four oranges a day is the recommended dose for those wishing to increase resistance to infections.

http://fornetsake.com/2551.php Orange juice has become very popular as a breakfast drink and natural refreshment. Its composition is similar to that of orange, but with less calcium and fiber. Both of these nutrients are found primarily in the pulp. Calories are not the only important thing One-half kilo of cherries about 1 pound supplies kcal, approximately the same as g about 3. Eating the same number of calories, the pastry fosters obesity, while the cherries prevent it.

One reason cherries help prevent obesity is that they take longer to eat. Consequently, they are utilized more easily than if they were part of a pastry.

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Diabetics, like the obese, must become accustomed to eating controlled and weighed portions of each food, with the objective of not exceeding the total daily allowance and maintaining the balance among nutrients. Foods that Help Prevent Cancer Fruit Fruit, together with vegetables, is the most effective anticarcinogenic food.

All fresh fruits are rich in antioxidant vitamins and phytochemicals, which are capable of neutralizing carcinogenic substances entering the body. The fiber in whole grains accelerates movement through the bowel. It also retains and removes carcinogenic substances that may be in the digestive tract, excreting them with the feces.

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Vegetables All vegetables protect against cancer to a greater or lesser degree. Their richness in provitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidant phytochemicals explain this anticarcinogenic effect. Legumes Soy and its derivatives, particularly tofu and soymilk, provide a variety of anticarcinogenic phytochemicals.

Encyclopedia Of Grain Science Vol 3 Q Z

Shape as hamburgers. For more information about the ingredients, see: Oats, Vol. Additionally, other condiments such as sweet paprika may be added. These hamburgers are both tasty and nutritious due to the cereals, nuts, and vegetables used in their preparation. Nuts, oats, and wheat germ, ingredients used in this dish, supply an excellent nutritional source to strengthen the nervous system.


These include students, and those fighting stress, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. For more information about the ingredients, see: Spinach, Vol. This Spinach Salad is a pleasant surprise as it allows the discovery of flavors from ingredients that are not normally eaten raw.

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Provitamin A betacarotene and other carotenoids that are contained in spinach, carrot, and pumpkin, also contribute to the prevention of abnormal eye conditions. Pour the almond milk and mix with an electric blender. Almonds, the basic ingredient of this shake, are high in calcium. Furthermore, these nuts keep an adequate balance between calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. As for bananas, apart from magnesium, they supply potassium, fiber, and B-complex vitamins.

Those wishing to prevent osteoporosis and demineralization will find this shake helpful. This makes a delicious dressing. For more information about the ingredients, see: Zucchini, Vol. All salads prepared with raw greens and vegetables are good for the arteries. However, this Zucchini Salad is one of the most advisable as it contains few calories, is low in sodium—if salt is used moderately—and has a gentle diuretic effect due to the zucchini. Finally, it does not contain cholesterol. Garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice, the components of this salad dressing, strengthen its healing effect upon the arteries.

Remove the stone and empty part of the pulp leave at least one centimeter on the rind.

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Chop and coat with lemon juice to avoid darkening. Suggestions from the Chef If the avocado stone is big, the filling may be placed in the hole without scooping out any part of the pulp. For more information about the ingredients, see: avocado, Vol. Silverstein, Arthur. A History of Immunology Academic Press, Skinner, B. About Behaviorism Alfred A. Knopf, Stekel, Dov.