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This by the was breaks one of the fiction cornerstones: there is no conflict in the book. Oh yes… However, for those readers who have dipped in and out of this long-running series, I would add a note of caution. It's generally about character relationships or backstory. But Lois addresses that and shows that one can always find new love, new life, and new happiness no matter the age. I know she's Betan and liberal, and blah, blah, blah, but not to feel hurt or betrayed even for a second is pushing it way too far. Like whatshisfacestartswithaQ who would be the perfect regent except he isn't a Vor, but when Aral steps down as PM, that guy becomes the new PM. Thank you.

Lois self published all her fiction via Amazon Digital Services starting in January All these editions are available for Kindle, Nook and iTunes. Also her non-fiction has been also been self published as Sidelines: Talks and Essays. Her latest self publishing venture is the novella Penric's Demon released only in digital format in July Between September and November Lois updated all the ebook covers of her Vorkosigan series. These are only avalable in areas where her traditional publishers do not have rights.

Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen by Lois McMaster Bujold

They are sold by subscription only, and do not have ISBNs. They are supposedly first editions, so all the years of publication are the same as Baen first publication. They are leather bound, gold-edged, with a colour frontispiece, and autographed by the author. They also have "Signed first edition" printed on the spine, though Mirror Dance appeared from Baen prior to Easton press. The slipcased edition sold out at the convention.

Starting the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold - #booktubesff

The hardcover has sold out since, but the trade paperback remains in print. It contains Dreamweaver's Dilemma , a previously unpublished novelette set early in Bujold's universe, the Hugo Award-winning The Mountains of Mourning , a never-before-published Sherlock Holmes pastiche, an interview with the author, and Suford Lewis's Vorkosigan genealogy. Dreamweaver's Dilemma [1] was the first of these. Each novel has an introduction and some of them have additional material. Ethan of Athos : Foreward by Marna Nightingale. Brothers in Arms : Foreward by Jeff Melcher.

More introspection with characters and a focus on the romance aspects than in previous stories. This is fitting with the characters aging and life changes. Still, not quite as adventurous as I would preferred as I am more of a fan of Mile's frantic capers. I am stating this as a preference not an actual criticism of the book. Overall a good enjoyable story that is well written and flawlessly narrated. I have read them all. This was the one that appealed least - even less than Diplomatic Immunity and Cryoburn. Has Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen put you off other books in this genre?

A difficult question, since the genre it appears to be written for isn't the genre in which most of Ms Bujold's books are set. It's a lazy, self-indulgent self-congratulatory conclusion for Ms Bujold's own favourite Mary Sue, bringing in character after character who had submerged all other attributes to support her. If you like the ideas of BayBees!

The only one of the on-going problems that actually boiled over was deal with so efficiently by Mary Sue's idealised devoted swain that it became an anticlimax. No wrecks, and nobody drownded, in fact nothing to laugh at all.

I began to wish that Miles would poke the hexapod with his stick with the horse'shead handle. If you are going to write an episode in a space opera, don't buy plot bunnies, then decide not to use them to any effect. If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen? The important question is - which scenes would I have insisted on being inserted.

They would have been scenes with some more significant action than a made up game, competed in by characters we neither knew, nor cared about, with rules that might have been comprehensible, but were, absolutely, irrelevant. There might have been a dastardly Cetegandan plot, or a raid by Jackson's Hole on the mothballed Prince Serge, or even a sudden eruption of a volcano. But instead we got kids eating cake. I am keeping it because I have the others, and have only myself to blame for not heeding the warnings.

I felt quite let down by this addition to the saga. I finished it simply out of loyalty to the grand story world I love. I wish I could travel back in time, give my younger self a short summary and save the credit for something more worthy. I have the purchased them all since the Warriors Apprentice and really enjoyed them. I really like the wheeling and dealing that the author can generate and tell with interest.

I was so looking forward to this. This was put forward as a Miles Vorkosogan story.

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He just appears hafl way through kind of thing. Its a romance not adventure. The story is well crafted and highlights a number of issues. However its not about beating the bandwagon. Which character — as performed by Grover Gardner — was your favourite?

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Gardener is a brilliant narrator its just this book content with nods to previous storylines isnt for me. Non question its the authors work - they have to get it right. On the edge of sending this back - but I wont , mostly because of Grovers narration , it can play in the background. If you are new to the Vorkosogan Saga don't start with this one you wont want to read the rest. I'm a big fan of Miles and even a little bit of his assorted relatives, but I really don't know why this book exists.

Cordelia is mildly irritating at the best of times, but this book bring entirely devoid of action, drama or even any kind of arc pushes all her worst traits to the fore. It also gives plenty of space to Bujold's annoying habit of over-using and describing gestures, usually hand gestures, that nobody in the history of the universe has ever actually used.

I don't particularly want to read a romance novel, never have, but if I did, I would rather like it to have some kind of a plot. I kept waiting for someone to happen! I feel tricked into reading this as I normally know that I'm getting in the Vorkosiverse. Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent?

Why or why not? It's a nice enough story, but a real departure from other vorkosigan saga. Would you recommend Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen to your friends? Probably not.

Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen

It's really not my cup of tea. Which scene did you most enjoy? Nothing really springs to mind. Not that it is bland, it just did not grab me the way the usual vorkosigan saga would. Do you think Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen needs a follow-up book? Give me back the space opera! I was tempted to return the book, but I did enjoy the narration, even if it was disappointing. It's like ordering a ribeye steak, and getting nicoise instead. I still enjoyed it, but it is not steak. Ms Bujold is consistently one of the very best authors in the genre and this book although a little different is excellently crafted.

Especially after such gems as cryoburn and captain vorpatryl's alliance. I wonder if this is the last we are hearing of this world.

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It would be a real shame. I would be curious to see how Alex and Miles plays out. I admit that I read this one with reluctance, given the Big Event at the end of the previous book no spoilers. However, I loved it. It swiftly climbed the listings of my favourite LMB's books right up to second - Civil Campaign being up there at the top. Jole is a very likeable character and, as with all LMB's characters, you really feel that you get under his skin.

Not quite what I was expecting but Grovers usual beautiful reading and the authors careful, polished writing is like an old friend.