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Cases in point are the enterprising Tuyuhun and Sogdian interpreters. This book should be of interest not only to researchers in Translation and Interpreting Studies, but also to scholars and students in ancient Chinese history and Sinology in general. As Lung mentions, this book will hopefully be followed by more research on interpreters in many different parts of the world and different periods in history, allowing for new findings to be cross-referenced through collaboration and dialogue among international scholars of interpreting history.

Federico M. The insightful argument she proposes in the book, that interpreters in early imperial China acted as historians, or consultants in the recording of diplomatic events, can be regarded as a great contribution enriching our knowledge of the history of interpreting. Denecke, Wiebke Gambier, Yves Hart, Jonathan Locke Further, this study introduces the.

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A Reference Guide. Edited by David R.

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Knechtges and Taiping Chang. Section 4, China, This is the long-awaited, first Western-language reference guide. Alphabetically organized, it. In addition to providing authoritative information about each subject, the compilers have taken meticulous care to include detailed, up-to-date bibliographies and source. The reader will find it a treasure-trove of historical.

Indispensable for scholars and students of pre-modern Chinese literature, history, and thought. Making ingenious use of a wide variety of sources, and old as well as modern technical resources, Kenneth Dean and Zheng Zhenman here set a new standard for an histoire totale for a coherently well-defined cultural region in China.

At the same. Over the past thirty years, local popular religion has been revived and re-invented in the villages of the irrigated alluvial plain of Putian, Fujian, China. Volume 1 provides a historical introduction to the formation of regional ritual alliances made up of villages. Early popular cults, Ming lineages, Qing multi-village alliances, late Qing spirit-medium associations, 20th century state attacks on local religion, and the role of Overseas Chinese and local communities in rebuilding the temple networks are discussed. Volume 2 surveys the current population, lineages, temples, gods, and annual rituals of these villages.

Maps of each ritual alliance, the distribution of major cults and lineages, are included. Edited by Charles D. Orzech General Editor ,. Henrik H. Not only has Esoteric Buddhism contributed substantially to the development of Buddhism in many cultures, but it also facilitated the transmission of religious art and material culture, science and technology. This volume, the result of an international collaboration of forty scholars, provides a comprehensive resource on Esoteric Buddhism and the Tantras.

Daniel Overmyer. These local traditions are a structure. There are Daoist, Buddhist and government influences on these traditions, but they must be adapted to the needs of local communities. It is the villagers who build temples and organize festivals, in which all members of the community are expected to participate and contribute. With chapters on such topics as historical origins and development, leadership and organization, temple festivals, temples and deities, and beliefs and values.

Together, and for the first time in any language, the 24 essays. Edited by John Lagerwey and Marc Kalinowski. Our new series Religion in Chinese Societies, extends the focus to modern China, examining religious practices in Chinese societies, both at home and overseas. Our Religion in China folder is available as a download at brill. The marketing team at Brill, marketing brill. Edited by Daniel Leese. Rafe de Crespigny. Diplomacy and Trade in the Chinese World, Hans Bielenstein. Arranged in alphabetical order, it covers the history, geography, society, economy, politics, science, and culture of China.

All contributions are written by an international team of European, Asian, Australian and American. Companion to A Biographical Dictionary.

With illustrations, maps, tables, ample indices and bibliographies. Michael Loewe. See also brill. A regularly-updated online edition is available. Online enquiries to brillonline brill. Volume Two: - present. Edited by Gary Tiedemann.

Sogdian Traders: A History

This second volume on Christianity in China covers the period from up to the present, divided into three main periods, and dealing with the complexities of both Catholic and Protestant aspects. Also in this volume the reader will be guided to and through the Chinese and Western primary and secondary sources by carefully selected. Volume One: - Edited by Nicolas Standaert. Daoism Handbook. Edited by Livia Kohn. Education in Traditional China.

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China Bibliography. Die alte chinesische Religion und das Staatskultwesen. Thomas H. Iron and Steel in Ancient China. Chinesische Dichtung. Donald B. Geschichte, Struktur, Theorie. Section 4, China, 9. Chinese Popular Prints. John Lust. Chinesische Rechtsgeschichte. Section 4, China, Law. A Historical and Contemporary Approach. This landmark volume deals with essential questions: what points of departure,.

What aretheir potential for development in a modern China confronted. In this rich. Edited by M.

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Blum , R. Kersten and M.

Scholarly reference works on topics in the religious, literary, social, economic, legal and political history of Japan. The Emperors of Modern Japan. Edited by Ben-Ami Shillony. Section 5, Japan, A History of Nationalism in Modern Japan. Placing the People. Kevin M. History of Law in Japan since Modern Japanese Society. Section 5, Japan, 9. Section 5, Japan, 8. Medizingeschichte Japans. Die einheimische Religion Japans. The Book in Japan.

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Nelly Naumann. Peter Kornicki. Bis zum Ende der Heian-Zeit. Pre-industrial Korea and Japan. Handbook of Christianity in Japan. Mark R. Section 5, Japan, 7. A History of Law in Japan until Section 5, Japan, 6. Wirtschafts- und Technikgeschichte Japans.


Dar, Saifur Rahman and Zakirullah Jan. Dowson, J. Princeton Reference. Based on mortuary practices and funerary equipment, he subdivided the graves into three chronological groups; 29 the first seventh to third century BCE represented by simple pit graves Fig. The Dhammapada with the Udanavarga. A Guide to the Literature of Khotan. Reviewed in Turner

Japanische Philosophie nach Section 5, Japan, 5.