The Modern Middle East: A Reader

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Emma Zvi Yona bathes her son at the unauthorized outpost of Moaz Esther. A settler tosses wine at a Palestinian woman on Shuhada Street in Hebron. Women march in support of Hamas. A Jewish settler prays at sunrise from a former outpost near Nablus. A Palestinian woman inspects the rubble of her house after Israeli missile strikes.

Funeral of two-year-old Palestinian boy killed in Israeli air strikes, November 15, A Palestinian boy walks through the rubble inside the house of Hamas commander Raed al-Attar, November 20, Israeli schoolgirls take cover next to a bus in Ashdod, Israel, during a rocket attack, March 12, Skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, at night.

The modern Middle East. The Sykes-Picot Agreement. French and British mandates after World War I.

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This was the first major outbreak of violence since the Oslo Peace Accords of The Kurdish lands have been contested territory for many centuries. Other Editions 3. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Throughout the course, we will examine various themes, especially the important and recurring force of religion. Over the years, the research that has gone into this book has benefited from the labor of a number of exceptional research assistants.

The United Nations Partition Plan. Territories captured by Israel in Jewish Immigration in Each Aliya 76 2. Phases in Palestinian Nationalism 86 3. Palestinian Refugees of the War 89 4.

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Global Levels of Foreign Direct Investment 9. Commodity Structure of Arab International Trade, —10 Arab World Trade Partners, —10 Population Characteristics in the Middle East Foreign Labor Force in the Oil Monarchies, — I greatly benefited from the research assistance of Annmarie Hunter and Emily Smurthwaite. I am most grateful for their diligence and their enthusiasm for this project from start to finish.

Terrence Thorpe, another outstanding student, also read several chapters and gave valuable suggestions. Of course, any omissions or shortcomings remain entirely my fault. Work on chapter 8 [chapter 10 in the third edi- tion] was partly funded by a generous grant from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at California State University, Northridge. This book is the outgrowth of more than a decade of teaching and lectur- ing on the politics and history of the Middle East.

In the process, I have learned a great deal from the innumerable students who have shared with me their insights, experiences, criticisms, and comments. Both directly and indirectly, their input is no doubt reflected here. For that, I am grateful. Chapter 9 [chapter 8 in the third edition] is an expanded, much revised version of an article that originally appeared in Third World Quarterly, vol. Over the nearly five years that it took to write this book, she put up with my many solitary hours behind the computer, my frequent mood swings, and my far-too- frequent frowns.

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All along, she never wavered in her loving support for my work. As I was in the final stages of preparing the book, she gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Dilara.

The Gap between the West & The Middle East- " Literature"

As a meager token of my love and gratitude, I dedicate this book to them both. In the intervening years, countless friends and associates, and at times anonymous readers, have pointed out various ways in which the first edi- tion could be improved upon.

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Albert Hourani, Philip Shukry Khoury, Mary Christina Wilson. This valuable collection of essays brings leading Middle Eastern scholars together in one volume and provides an unparalleled view of the modern Middle East. It will also appeal to anyone with a general interest in the. Persia in the nineteenth century / Ann K.S. Lambton -- Middle East economic development, the general and The Modern Middle East: A Reader.

I am thankful for their input, their construc- tive criticisms, and their suggestions for improvement. I have been extremely fortunate to work with Naomi Schneider, my editor at the University of California Press, whose guidance, encouragement, and patience with delays were tremendously helpful in shaping the second edi- tion. Grateful acknowledgment also goes to Simone Popperl, my superb research assistant on this book, especially for her help with updates to many of the tables appearing throughout the manuscript.

Any project of this magnitude is a product of love, and I have been extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a most loving family who self- lessly gave me the time and the peace and quiet needed to complete work on this edition. My wife Melisa and our daughters Dilara and Kendra always provided the loving support and the emotional nourishment that I needed to work. For that, and for much more that cannot be adequately expressed in words, I dedicate this book to them.

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Whatever shortcomings remain in the book are, of course, my own responsibility. Over the years, the research that has gone into this book has benefited from the labor of a number of exceptional research assistants. For this edition I was lucky to work with Dwaa Osman and Sana Jamal, both of whom worked meticulously on many of the tables and collected much of the data that appear in the book.

Naomi Schneider, my editor at the University of California Press, remains by far one of the most wonderful professionals in the publishing industry with whom I have ever worked. Although it focuses primarily on the period since the demise of the Ottoman Empire, shortly after World War I, it includes some discussion of pre-Ottoman and Ottoman histories to better clarify the background and the context in which modern Middle Eastern political history has taken shape.

In modern times, it has come to refer to Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. Libya is also sometimes included as part of the Maghreb, but it is more commonly grouped with Egypt as belonging to North Africa. Although there are vast differences between and within the histories, cultures, traditions, and politics of each of these regions in the Middle East, equally important and compelling shared characteristics unify the region. By far the most important of these are language, ethnicity, and religion. Much of Middle Eastern identity is wrapped around the Arabic language.

Poetry and storytelling have historically been viewed as elevated art forms. Another common bond in the Middle East is Arab ethnic identity. There are, of course, significant clus- ters of other ethnic groups. Tell us if something is incorrect. Only 2 left! Add to Cart. Free delivery. Arrives by Friday, Oct Pickup not available.

Introduction to the modern Middle East

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See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. The readings consist of a selection from the textbook, supplemented by articles and chapters from other books that illuminate various aspects of the topic. Students are expected to have read the assigned readings in advance of each lecture and to be prepared to talk about them in the discussion sections.

At the end of this course, it is hoped that students will have not only a better understanding of the modern Middle East, but have developed better research skills, practiced critical thinking and reading, and gained experience collecting and presenting information clearly. Cleveland , William L and Martin Bunton.

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A History of the modern Middle East. Boulder: Westview Press, Satellite view of the Middle East. Historical context The Geography of the Middle East Required reading: Examine the class primer always review relevant materials and bring the primer to each class.